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The home of free paypal money - We are here to guide you through the process of setting up free regular money transfers from the worlds biggest money transfer company - Paypal.

Join the thousands of people making very good money every day, FreebieJeebies even offers other incentives too for getting people to sign up. So it's not just Paypal money that is available!

Take a look a The Process page if you would like to know more about the way this works.

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There are no payments to be made to us at all, this website is here to provide information only! Get paid £17 in paypal money for each person you refer! You can let the amount build up to whatever you like and choose when to cash in! Use social networking sites, create websites, YouTube videos and blogs to get your referral link out there! Think of new innovative ways to get people to sign up, the process is exciting and once set up provides a nice, free income! We are not going to say that this is the easiest thing on the planet to to, it will take a little time and effort but the rewards are worth it! Your free paypal transfers will start very soon after you have set up your account!
If you do not yet have a Paypal account then don't worry, register today and click here in the mean time to set up your Paypal account. Or alternatively, visit

We have been helping people through this process of attaininf free paypal money for many months now and have already set up thousands of people in getting regular free paypal transfers.

The process can be defined in 3 steps

STEP 1 - Sign up to FreebieJeebies by visiting the sign up page and clicking the link, this part is free and no money is to be changed hands. If this is the case then do not sign up, it is possible that you are at the wrong site!

STEP 2 - Complete a free or paid offer which will presented to you once you sign up, the offer you choose is entirely up to you, some are free and some are paid but all are from reputable companies such as Sky, The AA, Lovefilm and The Post Office to name a few. Paid offers start at just £5 for the Coral Bookmakers offer which allows you to deposit £5 and gain a £10 bonus for signing up. Place a bet for the full £5 deposit amount and your away!

STEP 3 - Refer your friends and family to do the same, think of new ways to get your referral link out there and get people to sign up! You will accumulate PayPal money for each person who signs up via your link! Paypal will pay you the money in your countries currency, or whichever money currency you have set in your Paypal account.

Here are 2 of the free offers you can complete

The FREE Intuit website builder offer

This free offer requires you to register for an account with intuit and create a website with them. This is a free 30 day trial and must not be cancelled immediately. However, if you are not happy with the service you can choose not to continue with it. This offer requires you to register a credit card with them, however, no payment will be taken unless you want to contunue with Intuit. You must select this offer once you have registered with FreebieJeebies.

The FREE Egg credit card offer

The free Egg credit card offer requires you to apply and be accepted for the Egg card in order for your offer to be complete. There is no minimum spend on the card but applicants must be 18 or over. You must select this offer when you have registered with FreebieJeebies using the sign up page.

This is available to everyone!

free paypal

FreebieJeebies is free and available no matter what part of the world you are from, all that is required is internet access in order to carry on getting people to sign up.

This is why FreebieJeebies have managed to grow into such a large network, because this free program is available to anyone worldwide!

As FreebieJeebies are a large honest and legitimate network, they operate a ZERO SPAM policy which means they will never send you junk mail, share your information or contact you with any other reason other that them needing to speak to you.
FreebieJeebies will never scam you either, their 100% trusted reputation is based on honesty and integrity.